Our guests appreciate good food and drink

Albert Kök Hotell och Konferens is a member of EuroToques, The Swedish Chefs’ Association, White Guide, Sveriges Bästa Bord and Västsvensk Mersmak. We have won several awards in gourmet competitions, both at home in Sweden and in other countries, for the way in which we prepare modern Swedish food with exciting taste and design. Whether it a question of whisky, brandy, different wines or champagne, you will be able to enjoy the knowledge and engagement that we have here at Albert. We are also importers of Gaidoz-Forget, a small quality producer in Champagne. Perfect to taste with the guidance of our well trained personnel. We can also offer several gourmet activities. You and your guests can join us and prepare food in the kitchen, attend a sauce school or enjoy a gourmet show. Why not ask us for tips and ideas about how to plan a festive meal with a healthy concept.


The atmosphere is in the walls

The architectural style of our beautiful house is influenced by the wooden buildings built in southern and central Europe at the end of the 19th century. The house is a fine example of a variation of the Swiss Style combined with pointed and asymmetric Gothic characteristics. People meeting each other in a comfortable and inspiring environment means a lot and this is why we have made such big efforts to retain the original charm of the house both inside and outside. This contributes to a creative environment and cosy home atmosphere.


Run away from home!

Sometimes it can be so nice just to leave everyday life behind, get away from everything and be spoiled. It is so seldom you have time to indulge yourself in that “something extra” in good company and that is why we at Albert have some really wonderful offers to remedy that. We have several different packages to choose from – everything from a congenial Friday evening to a golf arrangement. Settle it right away – visit our web site and make plans for your escape now.


A meeting place with a high comfort factor

Participating in a meeting or conference at Albert means being in a very personal and cosy environment. Because of our small organisation we are always focused on you as our guest. We have conference packages to suit your requirements. Our conference facilities can accommodate from 10 to 100 people and are equipped with all the customary equipment. If you require other arrangements or equipment, we can fix most things. You can enjoy the comfort of our rooms which all have access to a private balcony or terrace with a view of the waterfalls and Trollhättan. If you want to participate in some exciting activities in between conference times, we have a lot to choose from. Why not prepare the evening dinner in the gourmet school? Learn the knack of making sushi, enjoy a gourmet show during dinner or taste wine, whisky, calvados or cigars under expert guidance. We can also help you to arrange activities of your own choice outside Albert.


Be a star chef for an evening

Cookery is our passion and a form of social life. Gathering around primary products in an inspirational environment is amazingly good fun and very creative. For this reason we have built up a number of carefully thought out and enjoyable food activities. Everybody who works here has many years of knowledge, experience and skills from several very prominent restaurants. Many of us have also competed and been engaged in a number of different gourmet projects throughout Sweden. We work as inspirers and product developers for the local farmers and sit on juries for various gourmet competitions. Our dining room personnel take care of the drinks activities. You can up-date yourself here on the latest and most exciting developments on the market. You can sit round the table and visit selected vineyards and taste their products. Welcome to a moment of true taste experience.

Enjoy our good food – even when you are not here!

You are welcome to make use of our catering services. We can come to you with food, service and drinks for every occasion and we have extensive experience in delivering high quality food. We will be very pleased to help you to choose your food and drinks. Or, tell us what you want and we will deliver it. When you entrust us with your order, you leave it in good hands and you can be sure that we will handle it in the best way possible. We will ensure that you and your guests can relax and enjoy.


Thoughtfulness about every aspect of the environment

At Albert Kök Hotell & Konferens we persistently strive after sensible environmental thinking. Some examples; we use soil/rock heating to heat the hotel, we buy environmentally-friendly chemicals and printed matter and we select local farm produce. Since we prefer to use ecological products we contribute to limiting the use of artificial fertilizers, chemical pesticides and energy. Both the restaurant and hotel are environmentally certified according to the Swan criteria.
Local farm produce is good for the environment By using local ecological farm produce we help to reduce transport costs and the big bonus is that we get meat, poultry, fish and vegetables that taste so much better.


Welcome home to Albert!

Albert’s owners are Rickard Halleröd, Christoffer Florén and Svante Tengblad, all with long experience in the hotel and restaurant branch. Our mutual endeavour is to create a hotel and restaurant business of the highest class. Together with our personnel we want you as our guest to experience something over and above the usual. Our philosophy is that guests visiting us should not only feel like our hotel guest but also a guest of the family. This is the reason why we have tried so hard to get the feeling of being at home deeply imbedded into the walls.


The History of Albert

Our beautiful house was built in 1857. Engineer Eduard Leopold Albert and his wife Maria bought the house in 1880. Eduard had spent a few years in Russia to assist in the building of the Trans Siberian railway. This had made him economically independent. Eduard Albert decided to divide the land around Strömslund into building plots for working families. He assisted with the building plans, regulations and loans. Strömslund became a real model community and the object of study for ensuing social planning. Eduard lived in the house nearly 50 years. Maria unfortunately died in childbirth but managed to establish the foundation of The Maria Albert nursing home in Trollhättan. Eduard Leopold Albert was otherwise a very colourful person who was conductive in the development of Trollhättan. When we took over the property in 2000 it felt perfectly natural to name the place after Albert.


How to find us:

By car, Albert Kök Hotell & Konferens is located in Trollhättan. If you are using a GPS, insert the address Strömsbergsvägen 1, Trollhättan. You will find a more detailed route description on our web site, or give us a call. By foot from the town centre/railwaystation Walk into the town as far as Drottningtorget. Turn to the right towards the water and cross over the drawbridge. Turn to the left and walk in the direction of the beautiful house on the edge of the hill, which is Albert. Take the steps up the side of the hill. Welcome in! The walk takes approximately 15 minutes.