Great quotes from celebrities who lived with us !

Albert has become a place to live and be at for a lot of our dear and beloved celebrities.
Some have been with us often and some only at one time. What these have in common is 
that they have written some lines for us and about us.
We would like to share these lines to you as guests of Albert. 
Do you want to see and read here at Albert we have collected these framed in our lobby.
Please enjoy!

Woody Harrelsson
"To The hotel Albert. You are marvelous ! Love you "

Agnes Carlsson
"Thank you wonderful for a fantastic evening. Good food, wine and atmosphere!
Lots of hugs "

Sissela Kyle
"Oh, Oh. Now I've been eating too much! Hard slimming for the next visit ....
It was worth it"

Stefan Andersson
"Thanks to the staff and audience at Alberts! Me, Moffa, Pipistrello, Thomas and Susanne were happy in your company.
The food, drink and the view are world-class elevated the whole event. In retrospect"

Mikael Segerström

"Thanks Albert for excellent calf and calvados"

Moje & Tobbe trollkarl
"When we needed to go for food and superb service and love the most, we ended up just right. Thanks for a wonderful moment"

Asha Ali
"To the fine staff at Alberts! It's always a pleasure to eat and stay nice with the wonderful view! Hope to see you again soon! Many hugs!"

Leif Mannerström, kock
"Thanks for the best oyster European Championship ever and the best food"

Thomas Ledin
"Big thanks for good food, nice service and a really nice bed".

Richard Kiel / JAWS i James Bond
"The food was scrumptious"

Verne Troyer / Mini Me
"Thank you for the hospitality. The food was fantastic. Best wisches!"

Shelly, Sophie and Jess
"Dear Albert, thank you so much, this was the best bed and breakfast hotel I´ve ever been to! I had a great time staying here with you. The food was great. Love! (The recording of Lukas Modysson's film MAMMOTH)

Michelle Williams and Matilda
"Thank you for making us feel at home in Sweden and introducing us to the joys of reindeer! We will be back. Love!" (Inspelningen av Lukas Modyssons film MAMMOTH)

Donna Croll
"To all at Alberts, Thank you for your care, consideration and kindness during my stay. Albert Rocks!" (Inspelningen av Lukas Modyssons film MAMMOTH)

Lena Endre

"What a great place you have, and wonderful good food and good staff. Congratulations! Best Advent greetings Lena Endre"

Anna Mannheimer & Peter Apelgren
"Thank you so much. What a wonderful food! Albert's kitchen, WOW!"

Mikael Persbrandt
"Have known me at home and already long for your fantastic food and service. Please Mikael Persbrandt."

Tuva Novotny
"To all the nice girls and guys :) Thank you for making one feel at home and welcome. Thank you for the evening's evening and girl's snack (... YOU KNOW ...) and fantastic food. In return. All good and big hug! "

Marie Göranzon
"Thank you for three wonderful, good and cozy days at Albert Hotel. I hope to come back. Big thanks!"

Hans Alfredson
"Thank You :-)"

Pernilla August

"Thanks for wonderful food. Great to stay here, will be back soon! Warm greetings Pernilla"

Maria Lundquist
"So beautiful! So cozy! So good! Thank you so much for wonderful days at Albert"

Mikael Persbrandt

"You are too wonderful here at Alberta. You always have something to look forward to, comfortably long movie days, when you go home to you and eat good and be taken care of. All good for you I wish! See you next time"

Lena Endre
"Thank you once again for creating an" extra home ". For that, it feels like living here, with all the nice staff! And good food. Thank you very much, etc. Lena Endre" (During recording of Heaven's Heart)

Jakob Eklund
"Despite thoughtful work, and tiring days, I leave here fatter and happier than I deserve, dear chefs and cookers, cleaners and receptionists. Thank you humbly ... Jacob"

Sam Kessel
"To Albert! Thanks for the rooms and the food"

Fares Fares
"I will always remember this hotel! Here I made my first movie" Jalla Jalla ". Many hugs from Fares Fares"

Svenne & Lotta
"What can you say when everything is said. This place is like a dream and we dont want to wake up. Thank you for your hospitality. /Lotta. Jag håller med, säger Svenne"

Barbara Henriks

"Every time we come here it is a wonderful experience! The environment, the people and the food!
Thank you very much, we will be back. "

Peter Apelgren & Anna Mannheimer
"Albert's Kitchen! Are you kidding or ??? Thank you so much for a top notch kitchen!"

Mikael Nyqvist
"Now we have finished our movie" You disappear "and every night we have gathered in the restaurant in the evening. Has been as we were invited to a home.
All the generosity and warmth of the staff has helped us make an even better movie. Day after day. Light candles and view of the locks.
It helped us.

Alexander Bard
Other comments superfluous!

Carolina Gynning
"Thank you for the excellent service and food.

Ingela Pling Forsman
The nicest staff and the finest view of all my childhood bridges.
- And in the house, the Alberta spirit floats.
Thanks! Will be happy to come back.



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