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Our so popular Friday night!

We have created a more creative design and way to serve our so popular Friday Buffet.
All so that you as guests of us will continue to feel that you are eating a really good meal 
that also changes more by season, raw material availability and the creativity of the kitchen.
As always, you can choose from a whole host of different good dishes from the buffet.
These make the start like starters.
Then you will be served a main course.

You meet our chefs in our open kitchen.
We are happy to share some good and valuable tips for this weekend's home cooking.
In conclusion, there is a buffet with coffee / tea and sweet treats.
Our faithful servant, Creme Brulé, is of course always in the company.

Price: 395: -

If you want to eat à la carte instead we of course have it on Fridays.
To be safe on the spot, you can book a table!


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