The History of Eduard Leopold Albert

The History of Albert

Our beautiful house was built in 1857. Engineer Eduard Leopold Albert and his wife Maria bought the house in 1880.
Eduard had spent a few years in Russia to assist in the building of the Trans Siberian railway. This had made him economically independent.
Eduard Albert decided to divide the land around Strömslund into building plots for working families. He assisted with the building plans, regulations and loans.

Strömslund became a real model community and the object of study for ensuing social planning. Eduard lived in the house nearly 50 years.
Maria unfortunately died in childbirth but managed to establish the foundation of The Maria Albert nursing home in Trollhättan.
Eduard Leopold Albert was otherwise a very colourful person who was conductive in the development of Trollhättan.

When we took over the property in 2000 it felt perfectly natural to name the place after Albert.


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