To do in Trollhättan

The mighty Fall and Lock area
An exciting experience for both old and young.
During the summer months, you can see when the water gates open during specific times and the mighty Trollhätte Falls rushing forward.
Close by, you will also find Kungsgrottan, Trollhättan's own guestbook for royal visits through the ages.
If you then follow the Göta Älv south, you will come to the beautiful lock area. Here you can watch when boats are locked both up and down Göta Älv or visit the Canal Museum and learn more about the work around the locks.

Do not forget to admire the view from the Copper Cliff and enjoy the fantastic nature.
Olidan power station
Olidan is one of Sweden's oldest hydropower plants that is still in use.
During the summer months, you as a visitor can see the turbines working during a guided tour of the building.
A unique opportunity to take part in a historic building that contains efficient modern electricity production.

The range for exercise is large.
You can, among other things, swim, train and bowl at Arena Älvhögsborg.
Play golf on one of the beautiful courses in the area, Onsjö Golf Club or Koberg Golf Club.
Or why not take a lovely walk in our immediate area where, among other things, the ski lodge offers running tracks of up to 10 km.
In winter, there is artificial snow here for those who love cross-country skiing.
Tips on nice hiking trails:
- Edsvidsleden (15 km)
- Spikörundan (2.5 km)
- Innovatum Round (5 km)
- Slussrundan (7.5 km)
- Hälsans Stig (4 km)
Along the Trollhättan Canal, there are also various large and impressive works of art to view.

Museums and Galleries
- Saab Car Museum
- The Canal Museum
- Art Gallery Trollhättan
- Innovatum Science center
- The Royal Hunting Museum
Trollhättan is also known as Trollywood
Film i Väst became known early on under the nickname Trollywood as they have their head office in Trollhättan. 
Both Swedish and international films are shot here. Nicole Kidman, Stellan Skarsgård, Mikael Persbrandt, Rolf Lassgård, Helena Bergström,
Pernilla August, Lena Olin, Michelle Williams and Laureen Bacall are some of the famous actors who worked in Trollhättan.

On Storgatan in Trollhättan you will find the "Walk of Fame", where golden stars adorn the paving stones. Here are the names of 
several of the film actors who have visited the city.
On our walls in the restaurant you can see all the greetings and autographs from celebrities who have lived with us at Albert over the years.

Playgrounds out of the ordinary in Trollhättan
In Trollhättan, a number of nice and well-made playgrounds have grown up.
Here you will find, among other things
• Roy and Rogers Mack which is centrally located.
• Scrap metal on beautiful Spikön.
• The giant whale at Vattenkraften's playground.

Other fun for the children and maybe also for you adults in Trollhättan
- Hop N Pop. An indoor land full of trampolines and other fun. Located at Överby shopping center. READ MORE HERE >>
- Jecko and Jessie's playland .A playland that attracts children to play and movement. READ MORE HERE >>
- Science Center Innovatum. Technology and experiences. READ MORE HERE >>

Shopping in the center and at Överby.
Trollhättan has a lot to offer in both the city center and the external shopping center Överby which is about 8 minutes by car away.
In central Trollhättan is the Oden shopping center, where you will find a grocery store, shops and cafés.
More tips on activities and attractions can be found at www.visittv.se and www.vastsverige.com


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