Thoughtfulness about the environment

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We strive to improve all the time

Here at Albert Kök, Hotell & Konferens, we are very concerned about our environment. We have therefore chosen to environmentally certify our facility according to the Nordic Ecolabel criteria. In 2008, our entire business was Nordic Ecolabel led.

Our aim is to have active environmental work. For us, this means that we constantly strive for lower energy consumption, more labeled and locally produced products as well as good environmental choices when it comes to chemicals and printed matter, for example. We choose Nordic Ecolabel led furniture or similar for our premises and hotel rooms. We have also opted out of the handling of bottles, packaging and transport of the same to save our environment.

Albert has geothermal energy and a carefully tested heat curve to provide the best comfort and best energy consumption for the environment.

There is a certain "toughness" in the system which means that in large temperature changes between day and night it can take a little longer in the evening before the heat is as it should be. Normally you feel no difference.

If you find that the temperature in the room is not sufficient, tell us and we will fix it immediately.

Albert Kök Hotell & Konferens has also chosen environmental electricity from our electricity supplier, this only comes from renewable energy.

The hotel.

You can also help us and the environment to become even better.

If you have batteries that you want to get rid of, please leave these at the reception and we will make sure that they are recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

The same applies to towels that are changed when you wish, but maybe you can imagine using the towel again and you help the environment.

If you have material in the room that you want to throw away. Feel free to place it on the table and we will make sure that glass, plastic, sheet metal, batteries etc. end up correctly in our sorting.

We also provide charging for you with an electric car. For that, we charge a cost of 100: - / charge - opportunity. Ask us at the reception how you proceed.

If you are at a conference with us at Albert, you will notice that in most conference rooms we serve you with an environmentally friendly water system

where you choose carbonated or still water.


The restaurant.

Our restaurant business has a sustainability mindset and an environmental effort. We sort everything that is possible and also make sure to work resource-wise with our raw materials.

We prefer to work with Swedish and above all local suppliers as far as possible. We want to reduce waste as much as possible and we also try to coordinate transport as far as possible. The chemicals used in washing and cleaning are "good environmental choices" and we basically do not use disposable products or materials.

During the summer, we also grow some herbs, etc. under our own auspices that are used in our business.


Do you want to transport yourself by public transport to and from Albert? We help you at the reception with bus and train times.




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